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Bali Home and Villa Inspection Service

You’re not just buying a villa in Bali, you’re buying a dream. But dreams can sometimes hold surprises, especially when it comes to the unknowns of construction quality and workmanship in your new home.

For a small fraction of your total investment, we’ll give you the clarity and peace of mind you need with a complete property inspection. 

bali home inspector checks different parts of a home

Services We Offer


and Villa Inspection

A building inspection is a visual examination of a property’s structure, systems, and components to evaluate their condition and identify any potential issues.


Annual Maintenance Inspection

A once-per-year property inspection of your home or rental property to ensure it’s safe and functioning properly. Click to learn more.



Pre-Listing Inspection

Are you selling or renting your own property? Give your buyer or renter piece of mind with a complete home inspection and itemized report of the property’s condition.



Less formal than a home inspection, we will accompany you and your agent when you inspect a property and call out any issues we see could be problematic.


Project Oversight

Building a property in Bali is a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. Alongside an independent contractor  and structural engineer, we will ensure your new build is moving along smoothly while alerting you to any problems along the way.


Contractor Due Diligence

Unsure about the contractor you plan to hire? We can help. We will review his past projects and contact his references on your behalf to ensure you’re working with the right team. 



Home IT Consultation

From general computer and network support to CCTV security systems, Wifi deployment, home automation integration, we have you covered. 


Structural Consultation

Worried about the state of your villa? Our structural engineer can provide professional insight on your home and give you peace of mind. If any problems exist,  we’ll provide suggestions to make your home safe and sound.

Complete Inspections Starting from 3,900k IDR

Inspections are detailed and time-consuming, but we enjoy helping you decide on your new home. 

We charge based on the square meterage of the property. 

Contact us for more information. 

Why Choose Bali Home Inspector?

Choosing us means you can trust that your building inspection will be conducted to the highest industry standards, using a variety of assessment tools to identify any potential issues with the inspected property.

Certified Home Inspector

Our lead inspector is certified by InterNACHI, the worlds largest home inspection association.

Flexible Scheduling

We'll help coordinate with your agent and the property owner to ensure the property is inspected when you need it.

Latest technology

We use a variety of methods to inspect a home or villa in Bali: thermal imaging, moisture meters, drone footage, etc.

Affordable, but Comprehensive

From quick walkthroughs, to formal property inspections, we offer services to meet most budgets.

We Operate on Trust, Not Commissions

We do not take any commissions. Rest assured we are 100% unbiased.

Limited Offer

Book any home inspection in the month of September, and get a pool inspection for FREE.*Max 1 per client.

Frequently Asked Questions

A home inspection is a detailed checkup of a house to make sure it’s in good condition and safe to live in. Check out our inspection blog post to learn more. 

We will typically look for issues with the home’s foundation, roof, plumbing, electrical system, heating and cooling systems, and other major components. We will also check for potential safety hazards .

The length of a home inspection can vary depending on the size and complexity of the property, but we usually take a few hours to complete.

A home inspection is not a guarantee or warranty of the property’s condition. It is simply an evaluation of the home’s visible and accessible components and systems at the time of the inspection.

We don’t make any repairs under any condition. We simply provide you with a clear understanding of the condition of the property at the time of inspection. If any inspector offers to make repairs, they are stepping out of their duty to remain unbiased.

No home is perfect. Every home in Bali will likely have issues that should be addressed. These likely vary from small DIY projects, or can be severe safety issues that should be handled by a professional. The purpose of an inspection is to have a strong understanding of the property before you buy.

At this time, we offer home inspection services in Denpasar, Seminyak, Kerobokan, Canggu, Sanur, Nusa Dua, Bukit, Pecatu, Jimbaran, Kuta, Legian, and Uluwatu. Any other location may incur an extra fee.

Absolutely. Just put us in touch with your agent and we’ll organize a time to view the property. Please be advised, however, that we only visit a property with pre-payment.

Yes. We will inspect a property before you rent on behalf of both the renter and property owner so that both parties know the condition of the property before you move in.

We use a variety of tools to get a better view of your property. For example, Bali is a haven for moisture. So we use thermal imaging and moisture meters to look for leaks or moisture intrusion.

We do. Unlike in the US where people generally use central air conditioning, Bali homes generally use split mini AC units for zoned air conditioning. We check the indoor and outdoor units to look for refrigerant leaks. We check that the units are still in working condition and produce cool air. We also check the drain and refrigerant lines. 

Although home inspections don’t usually include an assessment of workmanship, we include any workmanship issues that we see. 

We present our findings to you in a comprehensive report that you can use to either negotiate a price reduction, or ask the seller to repair. Keep in mind, this step is entirely up to you, and often times you’ll find the seller isn’t interested to make any repairs. At the very least, you have a strong understanding of the current condition of the property. 

We aren’t geologists or civil engineers, however, we look for clues to determine if the structure of the house is sound or not. If we see anything that indicates past seismic action has caused structural damage to your home, we will recommend you to a civil engineer.

We stand by our ability to give you peace of mind, but houses are very complex systems and we are conducting a visual, non-invasive inspection. Therefore, its likely there will be things we cannot see that could be problematic. We will do our best to find them but we cannot guarantee we’ll catch everything. 

We are members of Overseeit.com. Home inspectors are an excellent choice for project management, renovation oversight, and repair verifications. Reach out to us and receive a free consultation for project management services.

The main reason is that earning potential can be quite high. Having said that, it’s important to work with a reputable real estate agency and notary. We also implore you to get a home inspection – even if it isn’t with us. Don’t invest blindly in Bali property. 

Our Certifications

We receive our home inspection certifications from InterNACHI® (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors), the world’s largest home inspection association. 

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