Elevate Your Bali Construction Project With Meticulous Oversight

Ensure your project is on track and making progress with our construction monitoring and supervision service. 

Construction and Project Monitoring

For Those Working with Contractors, Developers, or Building their Own Property in Bali

At Bali Home Inspector, we prioritize the integrity and success of your construction project.

Our specialized service offers meticulous general quality control, ensuring every aspect aligns with the highest standards.

We vigilantly monitor the progress of your build, ensuring every step adheres strictly to the architectural drawings. Should there be any pitfalls or deviations, we swiftly alert you, safeguarding your vision and interests.

Our keen eye also ensures that the exact materials and brands listed in the bill of quantity and architectural drawings are utilized, guaranteeing no compromises with lower-grade substitutes.

With our monthly reporting, you are always in the loop and can trust that your project is on the right track.

While our expertise lies in direct reporting to the client and ensuring quality and adherence to the plans, please note that we do not manage the contractor or developer, offer financial planning or monitoring, or mediate in disputes between parties.

Our commitment is to you and the excellence of your project.

Our Easy Working Process



After a brief consultation, we will provide you with a proposal and a work contract for our services.



After payment, we will confirm your site visits.



We will visit the construction site based on the number of agreed-upon weekly visits and report to you monthly.

Who is looking after your project?

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